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and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.pb the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.thecardina last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. tonight's winner will host the tigers and that will start on wednesday. and the new york fans, well, you'd never call them fair weather, they want a-rod's head, they want swisher gone. have you seen the covers of the new york papers? >> yes, i have. >> there's a reason you're paid a lot to play in new york. >> a rough market. >> sunday night football, things are back to normal in cincinnati as far as cincinnati sports. the reds are done, bengals stink, steelers who aren't very good either, bear cats lost. although rutgers -- bengals 24-7. third straight loss. this golf news, saint isimon's island, coming from behind to win it all. he was followed by david toms and furyk. >> how do you feel about wearing two gloves? he's wearing two gloves. >> i know you go out at night wearing one glove. i think that's a little weird f
. the final scorecard natural cardinals 6, san francisco 437 game two tuesday night. i will say on the record i don't like the giants because of what happened to the reds. as it was happening, i didn't like any of the players, i didn't like what her doing. so i'll have to say i'm -- >> going for st. louis. >> draw. sanchez shut down the yankees line up. and football news, aaron rodgers threw a career-high franchise record six touchdown passes to lead green bay to a 42-24 win over houston. and the packer, that was the first -- only the falcons are still unbeaten. a field got lifted the falcons to the win over oakland. the falcons are the only unbeaten team left in the nfl. and seattle beat new england. that's weird. with just more than a minute left on the clock. russell wilson connected with sydney rod on a 46 yard touchdown pass to beat the patriots 24-23. the giant as intercepted alex smith three times in a rout over san francisco.s intercepted ale smith three times in a rout over san francisco. they were doing pretty well before that. eli manning threw for 193 yards and a score. bradshaw r
the san francisco giants to take a 2-0 lead in the best of five series. and college football rankings have been updated. now ranked 20th in the ap poll. knights now 5-0, syracuse are next. but notre dame was -- >> this is huge for notre dame because they haven't won. been doing so well that they lost the demographic. >> lsu got beat by florida and florida looked a lot better. and then georgia was supposed to be good and they got killed by south carolina. and never in my lifeife did i tk kansas state would be at greatest team. >> we'll have harwood up in a moment, i know where you want to go. >> he will poke holes in every part of that study. is he so ready. >> in the meantime some news on the west. >> and it's cold and rainy. should you have your music for this. >> for the ominous weather. that's right. 42 degrees when we came in. had to make the kids put the shorts away. >> remember what happened last october? >> yeah, snowstorm right before halloween. lots of power problems. let's get over to al leex walla at the weather channel. >> no doubt a chill in the air. temperatures stuck in the
conditions from san francisco to las vegas. what we have across the northern rockies, a little wintery weather. that's right, some snow to contend with here. moisture plus cold air will equal snow across parts of montana, and tomorrow that will traverse its way across sections of the northern plains and the midwest. some snow, fargo up towards international falls will be possible there. how much? a couple of inches. we're not talking huge amounts in montana, but tonight and into tomorrow, we could be talking higher amounts. this area that's in that pinkish purple. we could be looking at six or more inches of snow. could be doing some shoveling here. it's all thanks to some cold air that's driving southward. we're seeing temperatures that will be 10, 15, 20 degrees below average. numbers feeling more like november. that's what we'll find heading into thursday. kansas city, 63 for your day, ten degrees below average, and that cool air continues to work south and east. chicago, you're not even getting out of the 50s. 53 around st. louis. that's nearly 23 degrees below our average. >> than
into the seventh inning. ten strikeouts. san francisco was hitless. but then it was a clean single the right, and two outs in the sixth. third baseman scott rolen's two-out error in the tenth -- and he's a golden glove normally -- helped the giants avoid a sweep. cincinnati does, however, lead the series two games to one. i will tell you. >> bailey looked good early. >> it entered my mind yesterday that if they won last night, i'd have to wait for next series and that if they lost, there would be a game on at 4:00 today. a lot of times i like. >> as long as you win in the game. >> i like these things to go to the final game because it's so exciting. i don't really want this one to go to five. but if it does -- >> you're okay with that, as long as you get a little more out of it. >>> let's get to today's national weather forecast. ray, welcome to "squawk box." how are? >> hey, i'm doing well. for tonight at yankee stadium, if you are heading out to the see the yanks, a 7:37 start. there may be some showers. the showers in the east, the next front coming into the north. that's going to bring s
, there are thousands of stocks, becky, in the s&p 500. san francisco fed president john williams says the central bank is looking for a steeper decline in the jobless rate. and stronger economic growth before it's going to stop qe-3, qe in-if iity. williams is currently a voting fmoc member. here is today's economic agenda .at 8:30, we have the cpi. 9:15, industrial production. 10: 10:00, national association of home builder survey. and then in corporate new, yahoo! is hiring a former google executive as its new chief operating officer. decastro is marissa mayer's latest addition to yahoo! as she builds a new management team. >> i can't believe she's back. yesterday was her first day back from her pregnancy. >> i remember itll. how long did you leave me here? >> i was out for three months. actually, it was about would days high of three months. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.s. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.y. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.i. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back even faster.g. >> that's all it was? >> but she's back e
'm heading out to san francisco tonight, a concert with sammy hagar and bob greer and a really good guitarist, jonathan wilson will be at the sweetwater hall, charging 200 bucks a ticket, all of the group goes to the group called the coming home project provides counseling for wounded vets and helps them find work. >> we'll join you in that process. >> that's fantastic. it's a nationally organized group that helps them get back into civilian life. >> sammy hagar works with bob weir? >> yes, they have completely different kinds of music but they live down the road from each other. they're going to play "loose lucy." he wants to do a dylan song, a freddy king and a buddy holly song, so my band has been working on backing up sammy and we'll do a bunch of stuff with weir as well and stuff on our own, all for a good cause. we're going to have a camera there and this will give joe hours of time to make fun of me on television. it's all about giving joe material. that's the way i look at what i do. >> helping the vets, i'm not going to make fun of -- >> me playing music. >> inthat might be. >> "loos
thursday night and let's talk about football. the san francisco 49ers beating the seattle seahawks 13-6. their running back frank gore with 16 carries for 131 yards and also had 51 yards receiving. tigers swept the yankees, boo! to advance to the world series. they are awaiting the winner. probably looks like the cardinals will get it. cardinals/giants nlcs. >> i did feel good after the tigers, the team came out and talked about it. >> justiner ha verlander and th yankee team, whether it's jeter or not, they didn't even show up. they did not even show up. it was a no hitter until the sixth inning. >> looks like the cardinals take a 3-1 lead, they could close the whole thing out tonight so we'll see what happens there. >>> if you have any comments or questions about anything you've seen here on the show e-mail us at, follow us on twitter, @squawkcnbc is our handle. up next we'll play oil and equities with our trading block. stick around. duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and investment banking services. [ ma
forecast. the san francisco giants are world champions for the second time in three years. the giants completed a sweep of the detroit tigers by winning 4-3 in ten innings in detroit. there it is. is that amazing? are you a fan of the giants? i'm asking you a question. you're looking at me like i'm crazy. >> i said many, many things over the last two weeks. i like the national league. i was hoping for giants. i don't like designated hitter. giants beat reds. down 3-1 against the cardinals. they scored more touchdowns, andrew. any way, we're going to -- >> why did you say that? >> i didn't think you would notice. i've been weighing in on it. >> did you watch the game? >> i watched a little bit of it last night. i did at the hotel. there was nothing else to do. >> i should say that to becky. you know because of kent state game. >> i do know because of the kent state game. >> was that homecoming too? >> it was. it was supposed to be our easy game. it was a little rough. we're still 7-1. i'll take that. as we continue our coverage of hurricane sandy, our brian shactman is in montauk this
. along the channel, heavy rainfalls. san francisco, scattered showers there possibly, but that should kind of give way to some pretty between conditions in the afternoon. and the mys in nevada, thunderstorms to deal with and that may be the situation in reno. but for l.a., scattered showers and 67 degrees. by nighttime, we're going right back down into the low 60s. possibly some marine layer by tomorrow morning. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. by the way, the holiday shopping season, if you're like me, you probably have the same feeling. just seems to get earlier and earlier every year. ce off of shark media joins us for his forecast. it owns retail me not and are we right about this whole idea, is it getting earlier every year? >> it really is. we just did a poll that says 40% of americans have already started their christmas shopping by november 1st and 30% are done by black friday. >> what about in terms of the offers from the stores? we tend to think that black friday is the best day that you can get any shopping done and
on the san francisco bay, there was a racing catamaran that capsized while practicing. the accident involved the massive oracle team usa boat at-72. larry ellison has always been involved in this. that boat overturned and began breaking apart a couple hours later. now, no one was hurt. oracle says the boat cost between $8 million and $10 million to build. and yeah, there it is now. andrew, should we go back to the bunny? >> yes. bunny has a good nose. it was from den of thieves. he was talking to marty spiegel and he said your bunny has a good nose to tell him to stop. however, spiegel had a friend named bunny laster who told him the same thing. >> gordon gekko was telling this story about a son to rudy said you know what happens when you stick your nose in the honey pot. >> we have to run. make sure you join us tomorrow. "squawk on the street" begins right now. >> good wednesday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with david faber. melissa lee is off. jim cramer is on assignment as you may know already. got some cross currents going this morning. earnings, not r
. the bucs came away with the victory, 36-17. also the san francisco giants are halfway there. the giants beating the tigers in game two of the world series and they have a 2-0 lead in the best of seven series. >> predicted that on my very successful facebook, what was it, office hours. one of the questions hch-as a national leaguer, i have to go with the national league. i think the dh ruined baseball. but i said the giants in six. so i might be wrong because it might not be -- >> maybe four or five? >> they got the triple crown guy on detroit. they have to come eventually. hurricane sandy headed for new jersey. how do they know it's -- it's such a small -- >> they've changed it. last night they were thinking right for new jersey. it's widened out since then. it could go miles per hour from de anywhere from delaware to cape cod. >> hurricane sandy on track to strike the east coast. alex, you've been doing this a while. in terms of -- how much can we really know? it's just probabilities at this point. i don't immediate need to put t windows up just yet, do i? >> it's more a situation of b
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